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9m Pound hits all-time low in backlash at Kwasi Kwarteng’s tax cuts
28m Labour urges probe into ‘leak’ of mini-Budget after Pound shorted
7m At least 13 dead after school shooting in Russia
1h Five police seriously injured as Iran protests spread across London
2h Southgate discusses ‘difficult decision’ as Alexander-Arnold left out
1h Far-Right Giorgia Meloni set to lead Italy after election triumph

TikTok could face £27m fine for ‘failing to protect children’s privacy’

The Information Commissioner’s Office has issued the social media company with a notice of intent but said its findings in the notice are provisional.

Best gaming deals for Amazon Prime Day 2022

From consoles to accessories, we’ve got the best bargains covered


How to see Jupiter tonight

It will be another 107 years before Jupiter comes this close to Earth


RAC reports rising charging costs: how to charge smarter

Electric-car owners can save money by using public-charging points more carefully


Nasa spacecraft to smash into asteroid to ‘prepare’ Earth

The collision will help scientists to prepare for an asteroid that might pose a threat to Earth


Trump should sign contract to behave before Facebook ban lifts, says Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said Donald Trump must not be allowed to abuse his position on Facebook if he is allowed back on the platform.

Track and cheer family and friends with London Marathon app

Update lets supporters keep track of virtual marathon runners, and send encouraging messages that runners will see at the finish line


Roaming charges will be capped in Norway and Iceland from 2023

You will still have to pay to post Insta stories from Marbella, but at least you’ll save (a bit) while gazing at the northern lights


Boss admits Pinterest ‘not safe’ when Molly Russell used site before ending life

The social media giant’s head of community operations apologised at the inquest into the teenager’s death on Thursday.

‘Wrong kind of shale’ and 280m years too late: Geologists react to fracking move

The controversial go-ahead was met with concerns over earthquakes and an increase in greenhouse gas production.

The Logitech G Cloud is like a handheld Xbox – with a catch

Stuck between dedicated handhelds and smartphones, the Logitech G Cloud can be seen as a niche proposition


How new tech is making sport better for players and spectators

Football’s video assistant referee (VAR) system is giving technology in sport a bad name. But there are plenty of exciting new developments that do actually work, says sports industry insider Matt Rogan


Polaroid pivots to audio with new line of Bluetooth speakers

The collection of speakers will be made up of four models, each with a dedicated purpose


Pixel 7 Pro: Google reveals October order date

The Pixel 7 Pro will be ready to order from October 6, Google has revealed


Cloud services competition probe to be launched by Ofcom

The watchdog will also launch a broader investigation into messaging services such as WhatApp and Zoom, as well as smart speakers and connected TVs.

Nasa spacecraft set to smash into asteroid in planetary protection test mission

Dart spacecraft will collide with Dimorphos on Tuesday with aim to deflect the asteroid.

‘Promising’ new drug shown to slow motor neurone disease progression

Extended use of tofersen may help stabilise muscle strength and control, researchers say.

All you need to know about eSIMs as Apple switches iPhones over

iPhones are going eSIM-only – is that a good thing?


Think NFTs are silly? You’re probably missing the point

NFTs have evolved from being pointless digital art for people with too much money. Now savvy businesses and brands are deploying them as a marketing tool, reports consumer trends expert Matt Hay


Ted Lasso’s AFC Richmond is coming to FIFA 23

The fictional football club will appear under ‘rest of the world’ league


The Sims 4 base game will be free to play in just a few weeks

Those who already have the game can claim free gifts


TikTok allegedly grants ‘a bit more leniency’ to star accounts

Video app reportedly offers less rigid moderation for its high-profile users


Siri has Harry Potter spell commands that actually work on your iPhone

Create iPhone magic with Apple’s in-built voice command system


Apple promises iPhone 14 Pro camera shake fix by next week

Apple has acknowledged the glitch and has promised a fix is coming soon


New app allows Londoners to rent out their unused gym memberships

Busy (or lazy) gym goers can let other users ‘borrow’ their membership and earn money back


What to expect from Made by Google and how to watch from home

New tech will be announced, from smart homes to a smartwatch, at the event in New York


Google Pixel Watch leak shows smartwatch will be pricy

Retailer leak suggests price starting at $350 – which could be £299 in the UK


iPhone 14 is the easiest to repair in six generations

The new model may be cheaper to repair - but it’s not all good news


Deathloop is now available on Xbox Game Pass

A PlayStation 5 exclusive for a year, Microsoft now has its property on Xbox Series X and S


Grand Theft Auto VI footage leaked by hacker, Rockstar confirms

Over 90 clips of the game, which is in the early stages of development, have been posted on social media


Five reasons why Londoners need a smartwatch

These devices have evolved from fashion accessory to essential tools for urban living


Talk to the hand: How to stop Samsung tracking you on your TV

Samsung is making smart TV owners wade through pages of settings to avoid being tracked by online advertisers


How much does it cost to charge an electric car at home?

The full costs of keeping the motor running on an EV


Podcast: The Queen’s royal approval for UK’s tech and science

Monarch’s Royal Society links through the second Elizabethan age - and her childhood fun at the Science Museum


eBay removes wristbands given to those queuing to see Queen’s coffin

The online auction site said the items were against its policies.

Drinking tea ‘may lower risk of type 2 diabetes’

Previous research has found that tea could be beneficial for health, partly because it contains antioxidants and polyphenols.

Google searches for ‘How long is the queue now?’ spike by more than 2,000% in UK

The public queue to see the Queen lying in state spiked by over 2,220% in the 24 hours from Thursday to Friday, Google Trends said.