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Olivia Wilde insists she has nothing but ‘respect’ for Florence Pugh amid Don’t Worry Darling feud reports

The director also weighed-in on ‘spitgate’ after a video went viral seemingly showing Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine

Olivia Wilde insists she has ‘nothing but respect for Florence [Pugh]’ amid ongoing feud reports

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22 September 2022

livia Wilde has finally addressed reports that she is locked in a bitter feud with Florence Pugh.

The director and actress was grilled on the controversy which has plagued her and Pugh’s upcoming movie Don’t Worry Darling, during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday evening.

After she dodged questions on the subject during a press conference at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month, The Late Show host Colbert was direct, saying: “People say that you are feuding with Florence Pugh. Is there anything you want to say to that?”

Wilde, 38, initially didn’t play ball, replying: “No, the only thing that I want to say to that is that another one of our weird rumors is ‘spitgate,’ which you might have heard about.”

She then went on to deny that her boyfriend and Don’t Worry Darling leading man Harry Styles had spat Chris Pine who also stars in the flick.

Olvia Wilde also weighed-in on ‘spitgate’ after a video went viral appearing to show Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine

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The allegation came about after a video went viral that appeared to show the moment in question.

Both actors have denied that it happened and Wilde called the rumour the “creation of drama” and “clickbait.”

Going back to Colbert’s question on Pugh, she added: “I have nothing but respect for Florence’s talent. She’s fantastic. She’s on the set of her movie Dune right and there’s nothing cooler than a busy actress. I have nothing against her for any reason.

“The funny thing is — I don’t feel like my male director colleagues are answering questions about their cast...they’re not,” to which Colbert replied, “I would agree with you.”

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