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Driving London’s electric transformation

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ABOUT THIS PROJECTPlug It In is a new initiative by the Evening Standard to jump-start the electric vehicle conversation among Londoners and help shape a greener global future. Plug It In is supported by commercial partners, which share the project's aims, but our journalism remains editorially independent.
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Is there such a thing as an affordable EV?

Yes! There is. We profile the best 10 cars for those who want to drive green, but also keep some in their pocket

Ask a London EV driver
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‘Dear Chancellor, please scrap outdated VAT laws for EV drivers’

Ahead of tomorrow’s mini-budget, Quentin Willson, founder of FairCharge, urges the government to protect electric car drivers

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‘Everyone can go electric ‒ we just need a helping hand’

Lauren Pamma, programme director of the Coalition for the Decarbonisation of Transport at the Green Finance Institute, on the simple financial mechanisms that could make EV ownership an option for all

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Sam Bird: ‘We’ve reached the ceiling with fossil fuel cars’

Former Formula 1 driver Sam Bird has been driving Jaguar TCS in the Formula E (electric) world championships since 2014. He says proper petrolheads like him should be excited by electric

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Toddington Harper: waiting to go electric is a fatal mistake

The CEO of clean-energy start-up GRIDSERVE on why we should seize the moment

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Killing the roar: electric vehicles can calm us down

Dr Duncan Williams explains how electric cars’ quieter engines can help to reduce the stress of modern life – but only if we want them to

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Cost-of-living crisis: ‘Electric cars are still cheaper to run’

Despite the soaring electricity prices, research shows you’ll still save money running an EV ‒ plus top tips from the experts on how to save even more

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The ultimate electric car jargon buster

Do you know the difference between an EREV, an FCEV and a HEV (hint: they’re all types of electric vehicle)? Never fear, our A-Z glossary is here to help

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Think you know about electric cars? Think again

Writer Stephen Armstrong busts some commonly believed myths about EVs. Turns out, you can charge them in the rain

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How to choose the perfect electric car

Whether you’re a boy racer or a school-run parent, our expert guide will reveal the EV of your dreams

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I don’t want to get stranded! 10 ways to avoid EV range anxiety

Running out of battery is the biggest worry for drivers considering buying an electric car ‒ but how likely is it really?

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