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1h Truss ‘standing by Kwarteng’ as Tory revolt grows amid markets turmoil
4h PC cleared of assaulting retired Aston Villa player prior to death
5h Colston statue felling ‘violent’ and not protected by ECHR, say judges
7h Full report: Bank of England forced to intervene to stabilise economy
2h Statue of African hero unveiled on Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth
10h Elizabeth Line’s Bond Street Station gets opening date

How the cost and ease of renting in Madrid compares to London

Considering a city swap? Here’s how renting in London compares to Europe’s second largest metropolis


One in seven tenants in England ‘had rent hike in the previous month’

Shelter, which carried out the research, said rents ‘will deal many renters a knock-out blow’.

This city just introduced rent control — what’s it like to live there?

The city is an Airbnb hotspot, which makes it harder for long term renters to find a home


Rent freeze: could London follow Scotland’s lead on rent control?

Rent regulation is a popular idea among tenants but some critics say the policy could worsen the supply crisis

Property News

The cost of renting a flat in every London borough revealed

In 12 London boroughs, average rents are now more than £2,000 a month, as housing costs in the capital continue to rise


Generation game: London homesharers ‘still going strong’ at 84 and 42

When Luciana Canu moved in with Flo Taylor, a woman double her age, she had her doubts. But two and a half years later, their relationship is still going strong.


London rents: Why is the cost of renting spiralling out of control?

Calls are growing louder for a rent cap, as high demand and a ‘staggering’ drop-off in properties continues to cause problems for tenants

Buying & Mortgages

What is Rent to Buy? Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about the Rent to Buy policy


Tenants paid £13k up front before agent revealed problems with flat

After being contacted by Homes and Property Mr Azad repaid the money in full


Renting in NYC: ‘There are horror stories but it’s easier than London’

One Londoner reveals what it’s like to search for a rental home in the Big Apple, and how it compares to Brixton.


Top-end central London rents soar by nearly a third in a year

Strong demand combined with the ongoing supply squeeze has led to sky-rocketing rents in prime areas


Can my landlord put my rent up? Your guide to tenants’ rights

London is a gruelling place to be a tenant. Get clued up on your rights, from knowing when a landlord can hike your rent, to where to look for help


Longer tenancies and bills included golden tickets in rental surge

Renters are “terrified” they might have to move amid stiff competition for homes and soaring rents


London flat with bedroom ‘kitchen’ next to toilet to rent for £900pcm

The top-floor apartment is on the market for £900 per month, but the prospective renters will have to contend with the lack of space.


What does the buy-to-let bounce mean for London renters?

Landlords are back in the buy-to-let market, buying more homes than they are selling for the first time since 2016


The cost of renting a room in every London borough, revealed

The most expensive and most cost-effective parts of London for renting a room, according to new ONS data.


London renters face desperate struggle as number of homes down 44%

Numbers of homes to rent are down in all London boroughs as landlords pull out of the market


London tenants face record rent and bills as cost of living soars

The average rent in London is now £1,899 per calendar month.


Most and least expensive areas to rent a room in London revealed

The number of people living in shared homes in London has shot up by 400 per cent in a decade.


Titanic’s VIP dining room decor inspired by £15k/month London rental

The entire restaurant in the original building was copied on board the ill-fated Titanic, from the decor to the place settings


London tenants ‘face crippling rise in costs with housing shortage’

Rents will soar unless 83,000 extra rental homes a year are found, says study


Rental demand highest since 1999 as affordability crisis looms

Rents continue to rise for Londoners as new figures reveal that 84 per cent of tenants spend more than 30 per cent of their earnings on this outgoing.


Ban on ‘no fault’ evictions expected to be unveiled in spring

Thousands of London households have been served with Section 21 eviction notices since the Government first pledged to ban them


London rents hit record high in drastic new cost of living squeeze

London asking rents have risen above pre-pandemic levels for the first time


Meet the 24 year old shaking up the murky world of student renting

The rental platform plans to expand to 30 cities by next year


Here’s how much it costs to rent a room in Zones 1 to 5

New data from July suggests that the pandemic-fueled slump in London rents may be coming to an end.


The pros, cons and costs of build-to-rent homes in London revealed

One fifth of new homes are now built to rent, not buy. But is it all just roof gardens and yoga?


London rents cheaper than monthly cost of a mortgage using 10% deposit

The monthly cost of owning a home, if you’ve bought using a 10 per cent deposit, currently exceeds the cost of renting a comparable property in the capital for the first time since June 2017.

Where to live

How two friends moved from Tooting to Bristol without changing jobs

Renters are finding they no longer need an expensive home in the capital in the new WFH reality


Why one couple swapped a Mile End house share for life in Amsterdam

When her boyfriend started remote working indefinitely, Emily realised working at her company’s Amsterdam office could be a realistic option