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Clare Finney


London’s best restaurants for a second date

The first date is an ice-breaker, but it’s the follow-up that counts. Clare Finney on the spots that get it right

Sep 28, 2022

Tacos, tostadas and beyond: London’s best Mexican restaurants and bars

Still think London doesn’t do good Mexican food? Think again, says Clare Finney

Sep 16, 2022
Food + Drink

The best places to pick up a picnic near London parks

From the artful, elegant cool of the latest sandwich shops to the hodgepodge, family-run delis of yesteryear, Clare Finney on the perfect places to stock up

Aug 31, 2022

Inside London’s first sex-themed restaurant

Naked is W1’s new, (very) NSFW opening. David Ellis and Clare Finney take their dates to see if it’s hot or not

Aug 11, 2022

No more parent problem: 14 top spots to eat out with mum and dad

Mum and dad up to town? Clare Finney has a spot for everyone — no matter how fussy they may be

Aug 5, 2022
Food + Drink

The 18 best spots for ice cream and gelato in London

Life’s not all peaches and cream, but sometimes it can be

Jul 11, 2022

London’s very best brunches, from Parlour to Milk

Bacon naans, queues in Balham and the finest service in town: Clare Finney details London’s top spots

Jul 4, 2022

London’s most sustainable restaurants, from Silo to Blacklock

London has no shortage of places proving that some things do taste as good as sustainable feels, says Clare Finney

May 18, 2022

Best pasta restaurants in London, from Lina Stores to Flour & Grape

Pasta joints are everywhere, but finding the best takes a little work. Luckily, Clare Finney has been practising for years

Apr 25, 2022

London’s best veggie-friendly restaurants

There’s more to meat-free than another mushroom risotto. Clare Finney maps out the top spots for those living life on the veg

Apr 20, 2022